Hip Hop, Should it Stop???

My problem is about Hip Hop today has in a way it has gotten worse because of certain artist who use explicit language and give the wrong message through their music. These artists are setting wrong examples for the youth who want to be them and those who look up to them. Many youth’s will imitate what they see their role models do.  If these rappers are giving out the wrong message to these youth’s they are likely to get themselves in a lot of trouble throughout their lives. Although there are some artists who do send good messages out and do not use explicit language, there are a lot more who do than those who do not. At one point in time some television networks and radio stations would not play videos or songs if they did not have a cleaner version of the song or video, but as time went on the radio stations and video networks got lazy and decided to give in to these things.   It would take a lot of people to stand up against this issue in order to see a change but if record labels and big network companies stand up, or even go back to not playing certain songs and videos on radio or television until artist can produce a clean version of their work would be start of change and it could grow from there.


How annotations help

Annotations can be very helpful, they are basically a way of getting all the information you need out of a reading. They are a way to keep you from having to reread something over and over again to get what it was really talking about. I am definitely guilty of reading things just because I have to, but once I am asked to explain what the reading was talking about or its purpose I couldn’t tell you. Annotations give people a summary or sometimes can just be a side note for yourself to let you review and think about the article or book you just read. It can be a great way to keep yourself organized and from going insane. Annotations are also a time saver if what your reading is very long you will not have to flip through pages trying to review.

How to Survive In English class

If I could go back in time and give myself advice on how to succeed in this class it would tell myself to first communicate with the teacher, he is a laid back guy for the most part and will work with you through whatever it is you need.  Another  piece of advice that I would give is that even though I have a pretty busy schedule find a way to do all the readings, find at least one little gap in my day to read these entries no matter how long or boring they may be. I would then advise myself to get with someone in class to figure out this blog thing because even at this point in time im not following everyone and have no clue how to so I would definitely advise myself to figure that out. The last thing I would tell myself is not to stress so much and just to make sure my paper is okay  take it to the writing lab at some point before it is due.


When citations are being used it is usually because some is writing an article or paper about a subject where they may use the ideas of someone else and they need to give them credit on what is being said. Citations can also be used to show reader where they gotten their information to make what they are talking about become more credible.  If we did not cite things we could be in danger of plagiarism or stealing someone else’s views or words which is taken very seriously in schools. Citations are a very important part of writing when it comes to articles and annotated bibliographies. It is something that everyone should have knowledge of doing.

What is an annotated bibliography??

annotated bibliography gives a summary of different resources. It gives  an evaluation to the reader . An annotated
bibliography can also be used to give your view on the articles and how you
feel about where the author is coming from. 
In a bibliography like this one you have to use many resources as well
as citations to summarize.

What makes Internet a curse and a gift for Researchers?


For Researchers Internet a can be a curse because  the internet is filled with so much information it can make it exhausting for someone to look through and weed out useful an non useful information. At the same time this can be a good thing because it gives researchers a lot of information that they can use with just one click of a button.  Another curse it can have is credibility sometimes things on the internet need to be questioned when it comes to credibility, no one ever knows if how credible the source can be so researchers must be very careful. Also when using citations it can be very risky cause some things will give you errors and mess up citations when being used. An advantage is that all research can be done from home no going to the library and spending hours of time going through books, article etc. it gives you the convenience of being home and doing everything.

What worried me about the rhetorical analysis project??


                In the rhetorical analysis paper I was worried about how to put everyone’s paper together and make each part flow with the other. Since I am not to good about transitions I stressed out about doing that the most. Another thing that worried me was timing each paper I feel like we do not have much time to get it done so being that we had to work with other people on this paper I worried about how much time I had to meet with the other people in my group to get this paper done. Although we did email each other I think it would’ve been best if we all could have gotten together and done the whole paper together.  In the end though I feel our paper turned out pretty good