Hip Hop, Should it Stop???

My problem is about Hip Hop today has in a way it has gotten worse because of certain artist who use explicit language and give the wrong message through their music. These artists are setting wrong examples for the youth who want to be them and those who look up to them. Many youth’s will imitate what they see their role models do.  If these rappers are giving out the wrong message to these youth’s they are likely to get themselves in a lot of trouble throughout their lives. Although there are some artists who do send good messages out and do not use explicit language, there are a lot more who do than those who do not. At one point in time some television networks and radio stations would not play videos or songs if they did not have a cleaner version of the song or video, but as time went on the radio stations and video networks got lazy and decided to give in to these things.   It would take a lot of people to stand up against this issue in order to see a change but if record labels and big network companies stand up, or even go back to not playing certain songs and videos on radio or television until artist can produce a clean version of their work would be start of change and it could grow from there.


2 thoughts on “Hip Hop, Should it Stop???

    • 1. Hip Hop teach’s about the orgin of its art and culture.
      2. Because when youth’s listen to the artists they look up to preaching about a certain kind of behavior it makes listeners think it is ok to do and if they act like the people they listen to they will be cool.
      3. it teaches them about their culture and benefits them by entertaining and showing a different style and twist to music.
      4. I do not believe hip hop itself is a problem i just believe the way some people misrepresent it makes it an issue.
      5 It would take alot of people to stand up against it but if radio stations and tv networks refuse to play certain artist music or videos until they clean it up will help take a step into making it better
      6. I feel that hip hop has gotten better through techniques and styles of music but the lyrics are getting worse.

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