What worried me about the rhetorical analysis project??


                In the rhetorical analysis paper I was worried about how to put everyone’s paper together and make each part flow with the other. Since I am not to good about transitions I stressed out about doing that the most. Another thing that worried me was timing each paper I feel like we do not have much time to get it done so being that we had to work with other people on this paper I worried about how much time I had to meet with the other people in my group to get this paper done. Although we did email each other I think it would’ve been best if we all could have gotten together and done the whole paper together.  In the end though I feel our paper turned out pretty good


2 thoughts on “What worried me about the rhetorical analysis project??

  1. I think you are completely right about the Rhetorical Analysis and how most of the students handled it, but maybe you can talk about how you felt others were handling the project.

  2. I agree with you about the time management for everyone in the group. It was quite hard trying to get with everyone to get the paper done and trying to work around everyone’s schedule. So you made a very good point. oh, and you background is very cute, I love the color green.

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