How annotations help

Annotations can be very helpful, they are basically a way of getting all the information you need out of a reading. They are a way to keep you from having to reread something over and over again to get what it was really talking about. I am definitely guilty of reading things just because I have to, but once I am asked to explain what the reading was talking about or its purpose I couldn’t tell you. Annotations give people a summary or sometimes can just be a side note for yourself to let you review and think about the article or book you just read. It can be a great way to keep yourself organized and from going insane. Annotations are also a time saver if what your reading is very long you will not have to flip through pages trying to review.


One thought on “How annotations help

  1. i agree with you. im guilty as well for reading things and not comprehending them the first time i read them. the annotations have helped me out alot and i look foward to using them for furture assignments.

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