Journal # 2

            In Fynaman’s article “ Values Of Science” Fynman talks about the true value of science and what it Is used for. The purpose of
this article was to show that science can be used for social problems as well
as scientific. I feel that this article was meant to relate to scientist as
well as those who are not so much for science, ones who believe it’s not very
helpful and that it does not affect us as a whole. Because of the choice of the
words and the way the author spoke about the subject I feel that he himself was
a scientist or some type of professor. In all I feel that he tailored his
message to everyone, he used examples that everyone could comprehend and wrote
in a way were it was not difficult for some people to understand and I feel
that was his purpose not to only capture the attention of other scientist like
himself but to capture the attention of the average person


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